The Mosaic School

The Mosaic School's student-centered philosophy strives to ensure that every student is actively engaged in our community and the culture of our school.  We believe each student should actively participate in, and feel a strong sense of belonging to our school. Each student will be well known, well respected, trusted and trusting within their cohort (small peer group) and their school.  Our 21st century school prepares students for a lifetime of global citizenship as professionals, community leaders, as friends and as family members.

The world is rapidly changing as technology progresses.  Our hands-on, interactive educational model focuses on habits of the mind allowing students to learn how to transfer and apply their academic knowledge in new situations. Our interdisciplinary project-based learning provides the academic foundation for success in high school, college and beyond. 

Upcoming Enrollment Events

Families interested in enrolling their child in The Mosaic School can enroll between December 1st - February 15th.

To enroll your child, please fill out a Interdistrict/Charter School Transfer Request 

Educating for Creativity

We are pleased to announce our partner high school, IDEAS Academy, is featured in a book that profiles 20 schools around the world that actively develop creative and innovative skills in students. In the chapter that features IDEAS Academy, ESAA and the Mosaic School are featured based on the unique K-12 structure focused on fostering creativity and innovation in students. What great recognition for our schools, students and teachers. Find out more.

About the book

Bringing creativity into mainstream educational practice has become a mantra among educators. But what does creative practice in education really look like? Take a journey with educator and artist Robert Kelly to the most innovative schools on the planet to witness creative practice in action, with examples from early childhood to post-secondary levels.

Through stories and real-life examples, discover the techniques of global leaders in creativity and designing thinking, including India’s Riverside School, Denmark’s Kaospilots, and San Francisco’s Brightworks. Educating for Creativity provides a theoretical framework for creative practice and creative development alongside a practical exploration of how to make creativity in education work from pioneers in the field.



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